Storage and Exchange of Keys across the UK

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property managers,
maintenance companies,
cleaning services,
landlords in the UK
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24/7 access to keys

You can drop off and pick up your keys any time you want. Whether 1:00 in the morning or 8:00 in the evening, it will always be accessible.

Secure authorisation

We will issue a unique authorisation code that will allow an one-off access to a locker. The code will be sent straight to your email or sms.

Ease of access

The person to pick up the key will receive a code on his/ her mobile phone. The locker will ‘read’ the code and open automatically. Magic!

Across the UK

Choose the most convenient locker in the UK. With almost 1500 places across the country, you will always be 10-15 minutes away.


The lockers are adjacent to free parking for your convenience. Unless, of course, you wish to get some exercise and walk to the place.

Follow the key

You will be able to track your keys until they arrive safely in your hands. The platform is updated constantly and you are able to see all key movements in real time.


If you are unable to take the key to a locker, we can arrange for our courier to pick it up. They will place it into the locker until someone is able to pick it up.


You can watch who picked up your keys and when upon request. This way, you will always know what happened to your key.


KeyPing is an easy and secure software platform that enables the identification of keys and safe authorisation of key transfer.

It enables estate agents, property managers, airbnb landowners, maintenance companies, cleaning services and individuals to store their keys safely, share them with service providers or guests, and move them from one location to the next.

Keyping is the easiest way to store and move keys around.


storage and exchange o fkeys

Our partner and lockers' provider

InPost, a long established locker provider, is making available its thousands of lockers to our customers. They are ready to give you a unique click and collect automated experience.

Place your keys in one of their lockers in safe locations and close to convenient parking, You will find them in every city, village and hamlet across the UK. Then authorise another person to pick the keys up.

How Keyping Works

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


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Add Keys

Add the keys you want to store or transfer



Authorise the transfer of keys


We have been using Keyping for months and we found it the ONLY way to move our keys around easily and securely. The customer service is flawless and the software platform has automated a very difficult part of our business. It is perfect for viewing properties and allowing service providers into the house.


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